Card Wars Reaches the #1 Spot in Paid Apps (While Spongebob is #7!)

With hundreds of thousands of downloads during President’s Day weekend, our latest game, Adventure Time: Card Wars, has reached #1 in paid Apps in 29 countries!

And our friends at Nickelodeon should be happy to see that the KFF developed Spongebob Moves In iOS game is currently at #7!

We couldn’t be more proud to have two Kung Fu Factory developed games in the Top 10 at the same time!

Two Games in Top 10!

Two Games in Top 10!


Spartacus Legends Hits 4 Million Active Users

Congratulations to our Spartacus Legends team for hitting 4 million active users in just 60 days!

Ubisoft recently released this nifty Spartacus themed infographic via IGN displaying some interesting …and rather morbid statistics on Spartacus Legends.

Players may look forward to the addition of Tournaments very soon! For news on this development, and more, follow us on Facebook and the official Spartacus Legends Facebook page.


Domo Jump Springs Into the AppStore!

That’s right, we are talking about the adorable little furry brownie like Japanese monster. We teamed up with our friends at Konami to make this passion project possible.

  • Control Domo by using intuitive gyroscope controls.
  • Collect diamonds to unlock special costumes that give Domo different super powers.
  • Take Domo to new heights through different fun and exciting levels.
  • Unlock power boosts by collecting gems.
  • Like Domo on Facebook to recieve updates on selected costumes of the day and more!

Starting today Domo Jump will be FREE at the itunes App store. Enjoy!


KFF Explores Fantasy In Slot Revolution

Our joint project with Konami is finally out and available in the App store!

Travel into a wicked fantasy world crawling with powerful and magical creatures in this engaging free to play slot machine based game.

  • Role-play your way through dungeons as a Wizard, Ranger, or Warrior.
  • Enhance your skills and abilities by teaming up with friends to defeat enemies.
  • Create and level up your own equipment by collecting materials to transform ordinary armor.

If you ever wanted to combine Fantasy, RPG, and Slots. This is the game for you. Play it today and lett us know what you think!


Spartacus Legends Unleashed!

Our latest title, Spartacus Legends, was released this Tuesday June 25th for the masses to experience.

…We are just flying through these new titles, aren’t we?


No matter how much we prepared for its release to assure everything ran smoothly. One simply cannot estimate the power of the public en masse when it comes to a free to play title. The overwhelming number of users in our first two days has unfortunately caused some stability road bumps this week, which we hope get resolved as soon as possible. We strongly advise to keep checking the Spartacus Legends official Facebook page or our own KFF Facebook page for the latest news.

Launch week issues aside. The general consensus is that it’s good!

Ian Fisher from Shogun Gamer says:

The odds may have been against the game being good, but Spartacus Legends proves that it’s never good to bet against a gladiator since the game is actually a fun action romp. With a nice balance struck in combat that’s not too simple yet doesn’t require hours upon hours of practice to master, Legends is a simple game that perfectly captures the bloody and testerone filled tone of the show. While some elements may be missing from Legends such as a narrative of any kind, the game manages to properly deliver combat that’s accurate to what we saw on TV for four seasons – complete with gory finishing moves.

Thank you, Ian, for your sincere review!

The game is completely free to play on PSN or Xbox LIVE, it does require an active internet connection, and promises hours of brutal bloody gameplay. As you progress and level up your Gladiator(s), you will come across familiar faces from the Starz Spartacus television series such as Spartacus himself and… we’ll let you play it and find out who else is featured.

Stay tuned for more news on future updates and download content.

Until then, see you in the arena!




Nickelodeon Presents: SpongeBob Moves In

Kung Fu Factory and Nickelodeon have teamed up once again to bring you another fun and exciting mobile title:  SpongeBob Moves In.

Dive deep into the sea and create your very own Bikini Bottom!


Experience unique underwater quests alongside familiar faces such as Patrick, Squidward and Gary.

Practice Karate while you unlock exclusive mini-scenes, written in collaboration with Stephen Hillenburg, and real character voice overs.

SpongeBob Moves In is now available for iOS 4.3 or later on the App Store!

Konami and KFF Team Up!

As it was officially announced earlier in April, we have partnered up with Konami to help expand their mobile branch in North America.

Konami is best known for classic titles such as Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, and Castlevania, which have become some of the most successful franchises in recent decades. More recently, they have been extremely successful in mobile development in Japan. However, according to PocketGamer, Konami’s mobile representation in the West is not as prevalent and hope to change that by working with independent developers.

In yesterday’s Konami Pre-E3 show, Director of Digital Publishing for Konami Digital Entertainment, John Coligan, announced two upcoming mobile titles we are working on. The first being Domo Jump and the slot machine based game Slot Revolution, which we are co-developing with Konami’s development studio in Orange County (OCDS).


Image courtesy of D Shinji Furuya

Stay tuned for more news on future titles with Konami!