Spartacus Legends On CNN!

It’s been a great week for Spartacus Legends. We were especially excited to see CNN call Spartacus Legends one of the five games to watch from Comic Con 2012. They were particularly interested in one of the game’s more hardcore features: “One catch that’s sure to pique the interest of fighting fans is that when a warrior has fallen in combat, if the victor decides to vanquish his opponent, that character is dead forever.”

As a bonus video, check out GamerLiveTV‘s interview with Spartacus’s Liam McIntyre, in which he discusses the game.


  1. Hi, i can’t hardly understand one part he says: will the characters die really? so that if you lose, your character will be kind of deleted?

    If yes, this would be awesome. Since the first season of spartacus, i thought a gladiator game of this fighting style would be cool. Then i thought of the possibility of consequences, like permanent and temporary injuries and so the death. Which would make the fights more intense, and the character progression more satisfying.

    Now here is the important part of my message:
    I tought it would be a cool solution, to buy a statue/monument of your character (money/gold as reward for winning fights), and this statue represents your current character stats/injuries etc. A buyable save game. Maybe only a few savegames would be possible, like clay, copper, bronze, marmor statues. Saving your money for equip instead of saving your character could be fatal, if he gets injured or killed. So there is a tactical component of the time of saving and the saving intervals. Too early = low progression loss in first place, but later you have no more saves available.

    This was my idea, i would be glad, if you read it at least. I know this will change nothing in any case since i know that the programming-progression is almost complete. But maybe you like this idea too and may use it for further games.

    My overall thoughts on such a game was more a 3rd-person style game, with multi-enemy-possibility with a lesser move-arsenal (more like Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy).
    And as a game goal to bring your gladiator to freedom (the less you “save”, the earlier you can buy him free) and let him fund his own ludus, which would give you the possibility to “buy” better start-characters for the online mode and don’t lose bought equipment, so you don’t have to start from your last save all the time – but also getting a “heroic statue” with which you battle with other finished characters in special matches, which would be more balanced, because everyone is at a equal level.

    Keep the good work up, and consider a PC version, otherwise one has to start an online petition as for Dark Souls =)


  2. erm… Not interested, but whatever floats your bubble. Waiting for upcoming fighting games, if possible. If not, t waste my time.


  3. When will the game come out or is already out. And do you need xbox gold membership to either download it and to play it. I have only the silver membership. I’m seeing on afew websites the people are already playing the game. Is it being slowly released to various regions. I live in Calif. Please reply ok.


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