Halo 4: King of the Hill Fueled by Mountain Dew

Are you still waiting for that break to spend some quality time with Halo 4? Well, we’ve got something for you to kill the time with and get your Halo fix via your Android or iOS device in the meantime.

With a lot of us being huge Halo fans, we were pleased to have worked in a development partnership with Ogmento to bring you all this fun and engaging app in time for the Halo 4 release. Ogmento is all about location-based games where the world is your platform. With that in mind, once you acquire the app, prepare to see all the 7-Eleven stores near you. What’s in it for the players? You will be able to win digital Halo 4 gear such as Double XP, a Ghost prop avatar (for Canada), or a Custom Locus Helmet (for U.S.). All you have to do is check in to 7-Elevens, become the King, and defend your turf through your smartphone. If you find yourself short of ammo, all you need to do is scan the front of a Mountain Dew bottle or bag of Doritos. If you earn sufficient points, you will be sent an unlock code for special DLC for Halo 4.


The app is free to download from either Android’s Google Play shop or the App Store. Enjoy!

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