Konami and KFF Team Up!

As it was officially announced earlier in April, we have partnered up with Konami to help expand their mobile branch in North America.

Konami is best known for classic titles such as Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, and Castlevania, which have become some of the most successful franchises in recent decades. More recently, they have been extremely successful in mobile development in Japan. However, according to PocketGamer, Konami’s mobile representation in the West is not as prevalent and hope to change that by working with independent developers.

In yesterday’s Konami Pre-E3 show, Director of Digital Publishing for Konami Digital Entertainment, John Coligan, announced two upcoming mobile titles we are working on. The first being Domo Jump and the slot machine based game Slot Revolution, which we are co-developing with Konami’s development studio in Orange County (OCDS).

Image courtesy of D Shinji Furuya

Stay tuned for more news on future titles with Konami!

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