Position:         Senior Game Designer

Job Description:

Take ownership of the game design process, refine the vision and bring game design projects to a consistent, well-communicated, well-maintained series of specifications and design documents to drive the game development team towards a well-executed product of the highest possible quality, including entertainment aspect, mathematical outcomes and player communication. Communicate and clarify to the game development team the game vision and specifics of game software designs and achieve optimal designs, including math models, PAR Sheets and customer-facing communications throughout the game production process. Continually evolve and improve game products while steadfastly maintaining the vision and game optimization goals for titles through consistent interactive review and feedback cycles with key stakeholders. Establish and maintain documents for the game design and accessory design artifacts, including specifications, written tasks and wireframes before and during game production. Maintain active field research, analysis and industry knowledge to clearly understand and convey player profiles to the game development team to develop new features and products. Design and implement game concepts, in-game messaging, marketing communication and game rules and develop and adapt prototypes and simulation to play test and refine and troubleshoot calculations on game concepts.


Master’s degree in Entertainment Technology, Engineering, Computer Science, or related, or foreign equivalent*, plus one (1) year of experience in job offered, or in a related occupation

This position also requires experience/skills/knowledge in game feature design/documentation, game economy & systems tuning and game system architecture.

* A foreign degree adjudged as a similar US degree by an authorized US credential evaluator.

Job Site:   Los Angeles, California

Contact Us: Please forward resume and cover letter to this email address