Spartacus Legends Unleashed!

Our latest title, Spartacus Legends, was released this Tuesday June 25th for the masses to experience.

…We are just flying through these new titles, aren’t we?


No matter how much we prepared for its release to assure everything ran smoothly. One simply cannot estimate the power of the public en masse when it comes to a free to play title. The overwhelming number of users in our first two days has unfortunately caused some stability road bumps this week, which we hope get resolved as soon as possible. We strongly advise to keep checking the Spartacus Legends official Facebook page or our own KFF Facebook page for the latest news.

Launch week issues aside. The general consensus is that it’s good!

Ian Fisher from Shogun Gamer says:

The odds may have been against the game being good, but Spartacus Legends proves that it’s never good to bet against a gladiator since the game is actually a fun action romp. With a nice balance struck in combat that’s not too simple yet doesn’t require hours upon hours of practice to master, Legends is a simple game that perfectly captures the bloody and testerone filled tone of the show. While some elements may be missing from Legends such as a narrative of any kind, the game manages to properly deliver combat that’s accurate to what we saw on TV for four seasons – complete with gory finishing moves.

Thank you, Ian, for your sincere review!

The game is completely free to play on PSN or Xbox LIVE, it does require an active internet connection, and promises hours of brutal bloody gameplay. As you progress and level up your Gladiator(s), you will come across familiar faces from the Starz Spartacus television series such as Spartacus himself and… we’ll let you play it and find out who else is featured.

Stay tuned for more news on future updates and download content.

Until then, see you in the arena!




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Thanks for the suggestion! I acltluay finished the 6th episode of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena () last night. I found it to be very good as well, although perhaps not quite as good as Blood and Sand. Although the prequel was only 6 episodes, I found the plot to be sufficiently deep and entertaining.Also worth mentioning, both seasons are currently available via Netflix’s Starz Play.

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