Adventure Time Card Wars Released Today!

Our latest game, Adventure Time: Card Wars was released today. We’re so proud to be featured as a Best New Game on the front of the Apple App Store this weekend.

Adventure Time Apple Feature

Download for iOS with this link.

Touch Arcade has a nice review.

Android version is coming very, very soon! We promise!

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I can’t believe it’s not available in other regions. Adventure Time runs in Brazil, there’s no reason for this game not to be published here.

Worldwide release is coming soon. Give us 1-2 more weeks to get it out to your territory and on Android! Sorry about the delay, we’re working as hard as we can!

Why on earth did you decide to charge AND use a freemium model for this?! That is insane and a ridiculous idea which HAS cost you sales.

Jesta, are you finding yourself running out of energy? We tried our best to tune the game so that you’d be able to play non-stop with just a short pause in between. Each night you should get 100% recharged for the next morning.

I paid for a game, I didn’t pay for forced ‘breaks’. This whole thing has made me rather sad

We’ve heard from you and a few others, and we’ll be making some major changes in the next update. Please be patient with us, we’re listening to everything you say!

Jesta, a new version of Adventure Time Cards (version 1.0.2) will be hitting the stores this Thursday 2/27. Please download the upgrade and let us know your thoughts. Thanks.

It’s already submitted to Apple. We’re just waiting (patiently) for them to approve it! Sorry about the delay! Should be just a few more days.

Version 1.02 is live on the iTunes App Store today. Thanks for your patience!

I have have so many money and i cant spend it it can only be spend on forging can’t we buy cards that aren’t in the deck or like limited edition?

But please don’t use Google Translate as you have done with the Spanish and German versions.

New version is coming very soon with proper localizations. Thanks for your patience!

Sir?? When Card Wars Adventure Time For Android Is Released? Oww Man… Im So Excited When The Game Is Released…


Will there be a multiplayer on this game? i bet it will be more awesome if it has!

Great game btw!

Mathematical Multiplayer! Love the idea! We’re doing our best to support this game! Stay tuned!

I have experienced a glitch that whenever I open Card Wars I have 0 hearts I waited over a day now and I still don’t have any hearts I love this game so much so please try to fix this glitch. Thank you!

First of, congratulations on writing a great game. It really is loads of fun and I was very impressed by it.

Ok, now comes the less nice part, the latest update has completely broken the game on my phone (i’m using a Samsung S3, Android 4.3). It gets to the second screen, where the music starts playing and then freezes and returns to the main screen. This is very frustrating to me as I have gotten really into it and have only had it for a week or two.

I’ve also emailed you about this, so, please ignore that if you can advise me on how to get your game working again.

I love card wars and deck wars so much but ther is deamn bug that is not gaving my gems and coins my black card my gold card thats so bad ı missed 2 black 3 gold cards 6 gems and so much coins please some one say me how to fix it please

So sorry you encountered the tournament rewards bug. Can you please, please direct your concern to the customer support team at D3Publisher? They have dedicated staff there that can help you recover missing items in the near term. (

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