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Card Wars Bring You…Deck Wars!

Since its launch earlier this year, Adventure TIme: Card Wars stays strong in the charts with its latest awesome feature: Deck Wars.

Deck Wars allows users to battle other users in new unique arena environments. Proving you’re the best does come at a small gem-y price, but the rewards make it all worthwhile.

Stay tuned for upcoming tournaments and shin digs!



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Hello, i would suggest that you add multiplayer, A.K.A Online. That would be a great feature and its not THAT hard, so please listen to our suggestion. that would make your game even more popular. Thank you ~ Manaf jamal

Manaf, we do have multiplayer in our “Deck Wars” system, but we know what you are saying. You’d like to be able to play head-to-head in real-time with friends right? We’re experimenting with a few ideas to see how we can make this possible.

I think that Kung fu factory needs to update card wars again to where it does not lag terrible for I pod touches please and thank u

Hello Epic Guy, thanks for your support.

Stay tuned. We’re working on some updates for you soon.

Hi Guys,

First off I want to say, Card Wars is the best mobile game I have ever played…and I’ve played quite a few. I read your interview on Kotaku a while back about how you guys wanted to deliver a console quality product in the $50-60 range but for mobile – and for only $3.99.

I personally believe that you have over delivered on the goal and the quality of your work speaks for itself!

However, I must voice a single conern: The saving of user data. I know that a sad day in the distant future will arrive when I will have to say goodbye to my flagship Google Nexus 5 and hello to the next Android phone, albeit one of many in a long line of smart phones that will pass through my hands as I progress further towards my inevitable senescence…

But when that day comes, I am horribly frightened of the fact (or at least what I believe is a fact) that I will not be able to transfer over my hours of progress, countless gems, and incredibly rare cards!

Am I wrong? Is it possible to transfer my Card Wars user data over? Or is this a feature that you guys are working on?

Hopefully, an answer will soon arise from the crystal ball in the basement in a dungeon under a rock in a forest in the land of Ooo.

Until then, thank you for reading my little piece and I GREATLY Appreciate that work that you all have done!

Hi Parth,

Glad to hear you are enjoying the game.

We plan to have iCloud support to allow transfer of games between iOS devices in our next update (3-4 weeks).

For Android devices, you’ll need to contact our customer support team and see what they can do.
It’ll be a manual process, so you’ll need to be patient with us.

Love the game.

The bad part is the low level grinding for cards. Like, when you need wandering bald man cards or whatever. In later parts of the game, those levels aren’t fun anymore, even with your other hero cards.

Can we please have some kind of marketplace? Where we can buy specific cards, either from the game or from other players for in-game gold? I would much rather sell my good Sandy Lands cards to another player who uses that landscape than just sell them off for really low levels of gold.

Thanks for the idea Bucky. A marketplace is an interesting concept, we’ll certainly consider it for future updates.

First let me say congratulations on an amazing game. My whole family plays daily. I would only make a couple of suggestions. One the marketplace idea is amazing. Maybe user sells cards to maketplace, price is set by administrator, then sold to public? Also, I wish stats were saved from tournament to tournament. I’d like to know my overall win loss percentage. It’d be nice to be able to click on another opponent and see their overall statistics too.

Love these ideas Chad. We’ll let the design team know about them. Thanks!

Hi there dev! First off, this is one of the best card games I have ever played to where I have over 500 cards in the physical card wars game. That being said, as an extreme fan of this game, I would like to address some major issues that need to get fixed within the next update or two.
Firstly, the issue with random freezes in Deck Wars and the issue of losing a win streak due to a connection issue/freezes with the AI. Like many others, freezing against the AI is extremely frustrating. The other day (my most recent example) I was playing against an AI in Deck Wars worth around 9 trophies; a luck find. He placed a palace of bones on the lane with a husker knight, dead if anything was on the lane. He placed a patchy and a short second later flooped him on an empty lane. My game froze and I lost my streak, the trophies, and had to begin on getting barely any trophies again.
Next, it would be nice to see an implementation to where we can get the ability to buy booster packs to get cards that are needed for crafting, or to increase the amount of creatures for a certain landscape. Knowing how annoying it is to get cards from low levels, this could help fix that issue. Maybe price the packs around a gem or 25k coins with 9 cards included (just like the physical game) where you are guaranteed at least a nice card (could get higher ie rare, very rare, and algebraic plus the gold cards)
Finally, I would love to see 1v1 versus real people instead of the computer versions. Maybe do a feature through Game Center or FaceBook. That would be fun. Also, put another level where we can get that damn Super Hug! Its soooo annoying to farm Dr. Donut for hours to get that card. Stupid Fat Goats…
Thats all for now 🙂 Thanks

These are all great ideas Coltyn. Some are already in progress. We’ll be making some major upgrades very soon. Stay tuned! Thanks again for the kind words!

No problem! With all of the hate in the App Store about minor errors, its good to inform the devs who have put hours into a game to know they are doing something right! Can’t wait for the next update 🙂

Yup, just watched Scroll of Bad Breath get casted by the AI & poof goes my game. Just stayed there for awhile until I finally had to forfeit to move forward. Hope that helps hone in on some glitch cards. Thanks for an awesome game though. Highly addictive!!!… Real-time player-verses-player would also be a great update in the future. Linking accounts to social media websites seems to be pretty common & “all-the-rage” these days. Maybe you could search for your opponent once you are both online and active, then incorporate some sort of timer feature to activate the battle wheel, so that they couldn’t stall the game if they were losing 😉


Many of these ideas are already in progress. Thank you very much for your feedback!

Its a nice introduction to the world of card battlers and does a good job to not take anything to seriously. Only problem is keeping a hold of your save progress. I couldnt find any option to backup using social media or Google account. Upgraded my phone and all my work is gone even though I moved the game to SD card.

can u plz tell me wen u r going to users transfer there dater to an other phone because i need a new phone and i dont want to start over again 🙁

Just out of curiosity, but why wasn’t Princess Cookie added into the next update where it could have been better received? Most of the people in the App Store are very upset about the update not fixing the lag or other major issues that make the game unbareable to play at times. Hope to see that new update soon 🙂

I have become very upset with this game. I am constantly getting four damn trophies on every battle in Card Wars, even the max people give me, guess what, FOUR TROPHIES! I am only level 28! I have seen YouTubers get SEVEN TROPHIES on level 15s and less! Why does this game hate me!?!?!?

I think if you’re in first place in your tournament your potential trophies get reduced. I’ve gotten 12 trophies before for beating level 50s and now that I’m in first I can’t get anything more than 4 myself. Instead of looking for challenging opponents I just crush the weakest players to spend my hearts as fast as I can

even when i wasnt even ranked, it has all been four trophies. it just doesnt seem fair at all and there have been instances when i have been in first before getting max cards in a deck where i would get more than four trophies. if i had known that would happen, i would have switched characters for farming

First of all its great to see you guys responding to questions, secondly I’d like to say thank you for not only a great at game but a wonderful card game for Android that I can’t put down. Normally I buy a game play it a few times and never play it again but you have created an addictive rewarding experience even if the in app nickel and diming is frustrating. How long do you expect the lifespan of this game to be? Will there be regular updates?

KFF admin, can you explain how the trophy compensation system works? Some people are getting ~40 trophies per match – Way more than everyone else. 1) I’d hope for better parity in the black card tournament, but 2) if this isn’t adjusted, it would be nice to know how it works so we can try to compete. Thanks for your help. Great game, btw!

I would think the game has about another half year to a year since some of the glitches make people quit the game and they are very frustrating. As well as KFF getting involved with new projects, updates would come less often until it may never get updated. And to answer the question about regular updates, not at all. The last update added a new, not needed hero to the game. So, updates are about 1-2 months away from each other


Is it possible to get my stuff and progress back? I had to factory reset my tab and deleted everything and when i reinstalled cw everything was gone… i was already in dark forest and just had my first black card and had nice deck.. i really love the game but not sure if i want to start again from the beginning..

There are many many comments/frustrations about the trophy distribution and Deck Wars battle matching issues. Can you please give some clarification as to how this works?

I have a Level 10 hero and sometimes I battle other Level 10’s for 4 or 5 trophies maximum, other times I am given Level 5 or 6 opponents over and over for 4 or 5 trophies maximum. VERY rarely will I get an odd 10 or 11 trophy match, but there doesn’t seem to be any logic to the matchups or trophy distribution? Thanks.


I love Card Wars. It is my favorite mobile game. I rarely had any glitches previously. I also like that the tournament times are shorter. However, the past two tournaments I have been ranking in the top ten and each time I come backend to it I am either ranked 100 in a bracket of 95 or unranked at all. Prior to this I came in first in my bracket. Is there a amount of time you are banned from playing if you win? Please let me know how to fix this.

Thank you,

I loved the game Card Wars but there’s one problem, the deck wars is totally unfair (in my opinion) I get about 10 trophies for each victory but the #1 in my bracket have about 30 trophies for 1 win, why is this happening?

Idk if this is a glitch, but for whatever reason, I have trophies in the tournament, but it says I am still not ranked, even several days after I get the trophies, still Rank 100 with no leaderboards. Will this get fixed cuz i want new gold cards 🙁

I can concur. I have lost 2 gold cards and 4 gems. Not gonna play for a while. Just a side note, I know from my own experience that when I stop playing for a while due to glitches and bugs, I typically don’t come back. Something else will catch my attention.

Do you guys even monitor your facebook page? I think you probably don’t, otherwise, you’d know that there are tons of people totally fed up with your game. The black card tournaments have been plagued with issues and everyone is getting screwed over. People pay money to buy gems so that can do better in tournaments and what do they get in return? A ranking system that won’t even show you what place you are in, a leaderboard that shows you in first place one moment and then rank 100 the next and then not ranked at all. Worst of all, for the past 2 tournaments, there have been so many people who haven’t gotten any of the rewards that they should have won. No black cards for first place people, no gold cards for top 10 and no gems or coins for anyone else. It’s like they didn’t even play the tourney. People are ditching this game in droves and are commenting their displeasure all throughout social networking sites like Facebook, Twiiter, Youtube and Twitter. I don’t know what you’re guy’s problems are and why this game has been doing so badly lately, but the fact that you have little to zero communication with your fans and consumers says a lot about what kind of company you are. Right now the general consensus is that you guys are just blatantly scamming everyone. I for one and done with your game and will never spend another cent on any game that you guys are connected to. Furthermore, I regret having spent anything on one of your games at all. P.S. Worst customer service ever.

I had put a comment on here a few days ago asking for the trophy matching system to be explained.

I also wrote an email to customer support a couple of days ago and have got no response.

I was battling in the last tournament and was in the lead by over 400 trophies. Within a period of no more than 20 minutes, a new contender appeared on the leaderboard with over 700 trophies, and won within the last half hour of the tournament. From everything I’ve seen it should be impossible to win 300-400 MATCHES within less than an hour within cheating. This type of thing takes all the fun out of this game.

Hey guys. Awesome game but some minor issues detract from gameplay. As everyone has already said I experience freezes where the opponent is in the kide of their turn and they stop moving and playing but the creatures continue to move indicating a glitch. I still have the game crash from time to time and I’ve lost save data blah blah blah everyone else has tried to ream you guys for this already and I’m sure you’re working on it. My biggest complaint nowadays that I’ve not seen too much mention of is the multiplayer trophy system. I’ve noted numerous times flagrant circumstances that scream a cheat aspect. I’ve been in many tournaments where a player will have more than doubled their trophies in a matter of hours and I don’t mean they went from 30 to 60 trophies but more like 700 to 1500!!! (Just to name the latest upset) another issue I noticed a month or two ago was that someone had numerous of the same black card.(camera dude) they had at least five of them because they began the game by hailing four of them and taking away all of my magic points until I was able to call one creature and kill one camera dude just to have him replaced with another. I’m not sure how someone would be able to obtain that many of the same black card so easily by honest means and I’ve seen a few examples of people with only black cards like this. It is far out numbered by the other issue of people doubling their trophies somehow but it may be a minor issue arising. Please look into these issues for me. I love this game but I would like to be on a fair playing ground before I lose interest in the game due to hackers. Thanks so much for your time and efforts and your ability to read this book I wrote without falling asleep! I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks again!

Hey Guys, we’re working day and night on our new update for October. Hope we can come up for air soon and start chatting with everyone again.

In the meantime, please direct your questions to the customer support team at our publisher D3Publisher. They have dedicated staff there that can help you in the near term. (

I love the game, great job. 2 of my kids and I are incredibly addicted, though I’m the best by far! One gripe I have is regarding the coins to search for a deck wars match. Let’s say you just used your last 5 hearts on a match so you won’t have enough hearts to start a new one. Yet you drop back into the search screen where it charges you 900 Coins to search anyway. After each match, you shouldn’t return to that screen. I can’t imagine how many coins have been sucked away after I played my last match of the gaming session.

Thanks for the great feedback Matt. We’re considering a bunch of changes for our upcoming updates. We appreciate the feedback.

Hey guys,
Just a question. What’s the go with this recent tournament? It said 7 hours to go now it is saying 6 days until it is finished.

Hey guys awesome game! Although i wonder is it not possible to link the app with google play or somthing?

Hi Izaak,

Looks for version 1.5.0 which will be coming out in June sometime. It will support full Google Play Services, so you’ll be able to properly backup and restore your game.

Thanks for your patience.

Please feel free to contact our customer service with any additional questions you might have:

I just want to say thank you. Growing up I was always frustrated by physical card games that ostensibly were winnable by strategy but quickly became pay-to-win (or worse still have-your-parents-pay-to-win) BS.

Although CW has a gem buying element there are ample routes to deck perfection through playing, not just paying, your way to glory. Yes glory.

I particularly like how the game paces the amount of time I can play in a single sitting. In the era of WoW addiction and trivia crack I appreciate that the game rewards going back to old levels, carefully spending hearts, and patient crafting of cards; not just plowing through and instant gratification.

I’m sure some people play the game to excess but I’ve found a healthy time-balance occurs naturally for me while playing the game. Enough incentives for me to keep coming back, but not enough to get bored.

Games can be a joyful diversion or a consuming escape. I hope cardwars continues to be the former.

And again thank you.

Hello! I love this game ever since I bought it on Google Play. The animations look great and everything. I was just wondering how can I play against my friend? I don’t want to fight random people. I want to play card wars with somebody I know. Can I invite her or something to have a head-to-head battle? I really hope you can help me with this.


Unfortunately, playing with your friend is currently not possible in the game.

Thank you for your support!

Stay tuned for new on the game’s social sites for news on upcoming features!

Hello really love the game but was wondering if there was going to be any new levels want more then 120

Wow,overachiever! Stay tuned to the game’s social sites for news on this. 😀

Hello There, To Be Honest…. It’s The Best Card Games Ever And It’s My Favorite Game, But… The Game Automatically Reset My Progress Twice And Returned Me To Level 1, As I Lost All The Cards I Have… In Two Different Updates Though, I Didn’t Have Any Bugs Except For This One…. And It Feels Disappointing That All The Amazing And Golden Cards I Have Had Are Gone, Please Fix This! It Seems Hopeless Playing And You’d Know That Everything Would Be Gone

Thank You For The Game And Your Time, I Hope You Fix This In The Next Update

Hi there! i loving to play this game on my tablet. Im having a reaaly annoying problem. I read almos posts here ands seens no one had a similar problem. My cards simply changed (heros limits everything) first time like a week ago happened first time i lost all my cards i had a 80 limit and 3 heros e got a 50 limit and 5 heroes instead. My cards was a little better bus this one i got was a little far on quests and ok i can do it. But the fact happened again minutes ago, and a got a 60 limit deck wit really bad cards an the game was on beginning. Pls could you verify and restore one of my last configuration. thank you.

How do I change my name in the fight against other users ?

I ‘m from Brazil , excuse my English.

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