Adventure Time Card Wars – Apple’s App of the Week July 9, 2015

fiona and cake update
We’re so proud that Apple has selected Adventure Time Card Wars to be their App of the Week for July 9, 2015.

Fiona and Cake App Store Feature
The new Fiona and Cake mode brings the Adventure Time alternative universe to your mobile device for the first time ever. Mathematical!

7 replies on “Adventure Time Card Wars – Apple’s App of the Week July 9, 2015”

Hi I am mad because when I went on my game it took everything I had in this game away up till level 40 and I am at level 130 can u fix it

You guys should really consider making Card Wars a 3DS title, I’m sure it would have huge sales. Plus it always crashes on my phone and I’m sure it does for a lot of other people too. But if it was a 3DS game I doubt that would happen. Thank you for developing this amazing game. Making it a 3DS game would be even more amazing!

Man you guys should do something like an update i have lost over 5 5 star cards because the game auto quits so if possible make an update foe that because i have lost alot of cards

Hey thanks for the update, really nice that gold can be used for expanding the space. But the crashes still are the worst problem. I lost several ice-packs, two two-star-chest and one three-star-chest. That’s really frustrating, when I have to invest jewels now. And there should be a possibility to earn jewels easier and more often. Thnx guys.


Rest assured that we’re doing what we can to try and fix those issues.

Thank you for your feedback!

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