Dragon Wars Editors Choice

Dragon Wars is Apple’s Editor’s Choice on the iTunes App Store for July 16, 2015!!!

Wow! Two weeks in a row, Apple has selected one of our games to be featured the iTunes Store. Receiving Editor’s Choice from Apple means a lot. It’s a huge milestone for us!

If you get a chance, please try out our new card battle RPG, “Card King: Dragon Wars” from the iTunes Store. We now support real-time PVP so you can play against your friends.


  1. Love the game guys, picked it up thinking I would do a review of it tonight and haven’t been able to put it down. Fantastic gameplay and lots of strategy and the artwork is amazing! Great job to your team!


  2. The game is fun and I like it.
    Played in one period.
    I could not put the card into the field.
    It may be that I do not have block game?

    I Thailand
    Use Android


  3. I ve download a card king the dragon wars,on the play store. But it s go to crush immediatly tutorial.
    I ve have a Asus memo pad 8 inch with 2giga ram.it s possible resolve me a personal problem?i m Worthington tot kg english!


    1. Hi Dario. A new version 1.1.6 was released today on Google Play. Would you mind trying it out? It should your problem!


  4. Hay guys can you delete my game info from my Facebook Account please


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